Wedding Planning & Consultancy

Have you ever thought about the trouble that you need to go through, when planning a wedding? The number of appointments you need to go to, the different people you need to meet, the countless negotiations that you need to go through and on top of it all, you still need to wake up early in the morning and go for your day job. Because, without your job, you won't be able to pay for your dream wedding.

Let us take this opportunity to lend you a hand, allow us to provide you with the first class service in helping you plan and organize your desired wedding. Our friendly wedding consultants, will assist you from the moment you decided to get married till the time you are boarding the plane for your honeymoon. With the structured system and the valuable contacts that we have developed, we believe that we are able to orchestrate your prestigious wedding.

For any enquiries on our wedding planning & consultancy services, email us at or call Mr. Muhd Ikram - +65 9789 9010.